"Where is he?"

Translation:Càit a bheil e?

August 25, 2020

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difference between where is he and where is it?


Depends on context. There is no neuter gender in Gaelic, so no special word for it – you use e or i depending on context and the gender of the noun that you’d use to describe the thing behind it.


What is the difference between "cait a" and "càite"? When would you use one Iver the other?


If you mean càit and càite (à with an accent in both words), then it’s just different spelling of the same word. Like color and colour in English.

The older spelling is càite, but since this word mostly appears in the phrase càit(e) a…, the final unstressed vowel isn’t pronounced anyway, hence newer spelling càit a….


Thanks for the quick reply. I did mean "càit". I though I'd ask in case it was similar to leat/leibh and changed depending on who you where addressing.

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