"Tha cù mòr aice."

Translation:She has a big dog.

August 25, 2020

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how do we hear the difference between aige and aice? I typed aige and it counted it correct, but the English said "she"


In most dialects aice will have pre-aspirated c here – that means aice will sound as if written aichge, in broad phonemic transcription /ɛx´ɡ´ə/, in full IPA: [ɛçcə].

aige will not have that additional ch sound before, it will be just /ɛɡ´ə/ [ɛcə].

If a speaker doesn’t have preaspiration of c (or has much weaker one) then it might sound (almost) identical to aige and you’d just depend on context, I guess.

Not sure how it is pronounced here as I cannot find this sentence in vocabulary entries for any words in the sentence, but all recordings under the entry for aice have clear preaspirated /x´ɡ´/.


I've noticed that it seems to depend on which speaker says it. The older sounding lady makes no g sound in aice;

one of the male speakers has little or no preaspirate but is quite clearly different between aige and aice because of a softer g sound in aige but a harder sound like k in aice;

one younger sounding female with preaspirate pronounces as you describe above. Hope this helps.


I also typed aige which marked as correct, I came in to comments to check my answer as I realised the translation was female not male and I'd misheard. This particular speaker does have aice sounding more like aige.

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