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  5. "Qui da noi, non è legale."

"Qui da noi, non è legale."

Translation:Here where we come from, it is not legal.

May 19, 2013



It sounds awkward and does not make sense.


This translation is a contradiction. If we are from here, we don't need to come. I would like to ask a native italian speaker for a better translation.


"Da noi" is closer to the French "chez nous" and the German "bei uns"; it might mean where we come from, where we live, where we are, and in general any place you feel associated with "us". Just like a French restaurant could be named "Chez Pierre", an Italian restaurant could be named "Da Pietro": the closest English equivalent would be "At Peter's" but it's not as used, and it sounds weird with pronouns.


"For us here" is a more natural-sounding phrase, and is accepted by DL. To me anyway. Really the elements of 'us' and 'here' within this context just don't mesh well in my mind.


Why not just say 'here'?


So 'here where we're from it's illegal' is not accepted, but apparently the correct answer is 'here where we come from it's not legal'. They mean the same thing, reported

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