"Many allies are not deceitful."

Translation:Socii multi non perfidi sunt.

August 26, 2020

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"Multi socii sunt non perfidi" was marked incorrect ... does the non have to go with the verb? Or is there something else I am overlooking?


Why is it wrong to use "comites" instead of "socii" here?


I think that’s more companions which is not the same as allies.


Is there anything wrong with socii multi perfidi non sunt? I thought non was supposed to go with its verb


90% of the issues i come across are because of word order. I don't know why the subject of a sentence goes first after "Multi" with socii only but then for everything else "Multi" comes first. And the more i learn, the more skeptical i become with duolingo Latin courses. It's like a constant yes/no no/yes


yeah. This course needs a lot of work, and I don't think anyone can learn Latin from it. I already know Latin and am going through it just because. Honestly, I think this is an extremely difficult format for teaching Latin.


personally, what would you recommend other than duolingo?

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