"Como você lembra disso?"

Translation:How do you remember that?

May 19, 2013



why not 'about that'?

February 23, 2015


Simply because it doesn't make a lot of sense in English here.

April 6, 2015


once again, i am not good in english, can you explain what the difference between this and that in this sentence?

May 19, 2013

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The translation of esse/essa/isso always falls in a gray area, because English only have two demonstratives. Most of the times, just like in this case, you can translate it as this or that, but in the context of referring to something that someone said or did, that is more commonly said, so you'll usually hear phrases like "who told you that", "that's a good idea" or "that's great".

May 19, 2013


"This" is near me (the speaker). "That" is not as close to the speaker. If we want to talk about something that is farther away, we say, "That one over there", which would be equivalent to 'aquele/aquela' in Portuguese. It IS a gray area, though. I might say, "I like this blouse, not that one" even when the two blouses are next to each other. In that case, "this" shows an emotional closeness rather than a physical closeness. In many cases, you can use either one, with only a slight change in meaning.

September 19, 2015


I find this comment pretty useful: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/233580

June 5, 2013


'this' should also be accepted!

October 12, 2013


This should have been accepted, they are the same thing

October 12, 2013


Does "lembrar de" really mean "to remember" in the sense of thinking back to an occasion? According to different dictionaries, "lembrar de" only means "to remind (someone else)".

December 2, 2016


Actually, the correct way is "lembrar-se de": Como você se lembra disso?"

December 2, 2016


How am I supposed to know if it is singular or plural voce?

June 26, 2014


Both options should be accepted here.

December 2, 2016


so how would you say, "what do you remember about that?"

June 14, 2015


De/do que você se lembra em relação a isso?

December 2, 2016


why duolingo accept 'sabe disso : know it', but lembo disso i doesn't accept remember it but only 'remember that'?

October 23, 2017


Is lembrar always used with de?

February 19, 2018


Lembrar + noun

Lembrar-se + de + noun

February 20, 2018
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