"Mi piacciono molto i dolci al cioccolato."

Translation:I like chocolate candy very much.

May 19, 2013

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I put " I really like sweets with chocolate." In the UK sweets are desserts or puddings as well as candies, and I personally love the ones with chocolate sauces.


I put 'I really like chocolate desserts' and this was accepted.


Isn't the most natural English translation of "dolci al cioccolato" simply "chocolates"?


What would chocolate pudding be?


Chocolate pudding is budino al cioccolato! This link gives a list of chocolate desserts! Now I'm hungry! http://www.wordreference.com/iten/cioccolato


I put "I like many chocolate candies". I know it's wrong but they corrected me with "I like a lot chocolate candies". Weird English DL


Is "chocolate candy" a particularly well-used phrase? I can't imagine someone saying that, even in the US.


"I dolci" is literally "the sweets", and although that might sound unnatural to some, it's a closer translation: "il dolce" is often a dessert or a cake rather than candy, and chocolates are "dolci" too, so it makes sense in Italian. I'm not sure about English, I'd only use candy for sugary things (its Italian relative is "candito" which means candied, glazed with sugar), but I hear in the US it's used for chocolates as well.


There are many exceptions, but candy is often considered to be different than chocolates in the US, also. I don't think anybody would use the phrase "chocolate candy". You can call a chocolate bar a candy bar, though.


And in the US "candy" is used in the singular mostly, as opposed to the British use of "sweets".


Huh? chocolate candy? sweets with chocolate not accepted. Go figure....


"I dolci al cioccolato" equals "the chocolate candies" makes sense.

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