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  5. "Ik wil naar Ierland!"

"Ik wil naar Ierland!"

Translation:I want to go to Ireland!

August 16, 2014



Does adding naar to ik wil change the meaning from I want to I want to go ?


How would then be 'I want to Ireland' in Dutch?


You wouldn't want to say "I want to Ireland" in any language, because that doesn't make sense in English. In English, you need another verb after "want to," like, "I want to GO TO Ireland," "I want to SEE Ireland," "I want to VISIT Ireland," "I want to LIVE IN Ireland" "I want to LEARN ABOUT Ireland," etc.


why is "gaan" skipped here?

I would have said : "Ik wil naar Ierland gaan!"


No idea if it helps, but Germany has the same thing - "Ich will nach Irland", or "Ich will nach Hause" for "I want to go home", since the direction is implicit in the "nach/naar" it can be dropped here, I think.


You're thinking right! ;-)

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