"Am bu toil leat tì le siùcar? Cha bu toil."

Translation:Would you like tea with sugar? No.

August 26, 2020

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Would "Cha bu toil" ve translatable as "No I wouldn't"? I admit there's no pronoun, but "No, wouldn't" doesn't work in Ebglish so well.


Hi.. I believe it would just be 'would' 'would not'

i copied this from the tips section. i thought best coming from those in the know lol..

Gaelic has no word for 'yes' or 'no'

Similar to our sister languages Irish and Manx, Scottish Gaelic has no catch-all word for yes and no. We get on perfectly fine without it. Yes and no are clearly overrated.

In Gaelic, we answer a question by 'echoing' a verb. You use the positive or negative form of the verb that the question was asked in. This sounds complicated, but in practice it is fairly easy to get the hang of.

When asked the following question:

A bheil thu sgìth? - Are you tired?

you should answer either:

Tha - Yes


Chan eil - No

If we change the verb, the answer to the question also changes:

An robh thu sgìth? - Were you tired?

Bha - Yes

Cha robh - No

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In English, if someone is offering you something, your response should be "Yes please", or "No thank you". It appears here we're taught instead "Bu Toil" (Yes I would) or "Cha bu toil" (No, I would not). If I JUST answered with one of these, is that as rude as it would be in English, if I just said Yes/No?

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