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Finished skill tree for Scottish Gaelic

Once done is it just a matter of keeping practise in the language? I can only take tests to get points....

August 26, 2020



The practices still give you XP it also gives you a 'heart' for each practice up to 5 hearts.. i use that method while pottering about with other languages while waiting for the next part of the wonderful Gaelic tree that is currently & painstakingly being produced by the team..

I practice daily and can only say its so worth it, there are things you don't even realise you have covered in lessons. Personally i think i rushed through the tree as i finished it in around 60 days i think, and things didn't stick the way they do now so if at all possible practice as much as you can and go back and forth to read the notes and tips as in those there are many things that didn't make sense in the beginning but do now.

Good luck & happy learning :)


I agree, it is worth practising. I have also been using learngaelic.net

I was so keen I got through the duolingo tree in 39 days, luckily just in time before they did some upgrade or other and the website stopped working on my preferred device.


You can ask on the troubleshooting forum if they can help you with that. If it was recently, it's an adblocker issue which they are monitoring, so removing or disabling it might help. Otherwise it could be that you need to update the device in order for Duolingo to work properly. :)

Gaelic with Jason on YT is another good source to learn.

To OP: The second tree is in the making, it may or may not be released before the year is over since they are very keen on making it as perfect as can be and the voice recordings aren't as easily done because of the contact restrictions. :)

Happy learning!


Nah I won't be buying a new device just because duolingo no longer works on my preference for device. When I started on duolingo in 2014 it was way better than it is now with all the gaming features that to me are pretty infantile (no offence to anyone who enjoys XPs, league tables, crowns, gems etc). In the old days it was only lingots - excuse me, I'm off to play my tiny violin to myself :)


Didn't mean to imply you need to buy a new device... as long as it works there is no need to replace it, just that an update might be good, just like getting the latest Firefox for the laptop. :)

I didn't know DL back then, but I'm sorry you feel that way, especially those that only come here to learn languages and aren't of the targeted age group probably do.

Have you tried setting your profile to private? It won't remove all of it, but does with the leagues so there isn't as much competitiveness, since you stay in the league you're in, without even knowing about anyone else. :)

That's a nice collection of golden owls you've got there. I see that you also need to regain your French one (and likely the Spanish soon?). It's great to get new content for free, expecially when we get to work on the second Gaelic tree. ;-)


Nice. Why did you start learning Scottish Gaelic?


My grandparents were from the Highlands and never bothered to teach my parents since they wanted them to assimilate into the American culture. I've wanted to learn it for awhile and Duolingo was a chance, plus LearnGaelic.com

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