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Is "bola" masculine or feminine?

If "bola" is feminine, why is it also correct to say "Esto es una bola" as in the example below. I was marked incorrect for only choosing number 1 as the correct translation.

This is a ball. 1Esta es una bola. 2Esto es una bola. 3Esa es una bola. Oops, that’s wrong. Correct translations: Esta es una bola. Esto es una bola. You missed 1 correct translation!

April 21, 2012



No, 'esto' and 'esta' are not similar, 'este' and 'esta' are similar. Esto is a pronoun used to talk about something conceptual, 'este' and 'esta' are used to refer to a specific thing. For example:

esta comida es buena. este coche es rápido. Hay mucha violencia en el mundo, esto no me gusta.


I can't really give you an explanation. I just wanted to note that both forms seem to be commonly used. A google search for 'esto es una bola' gives me about the same number of results as 'esta es una bola'.


"esto" differs from "esta" in that it means "this" not "this one" which is este/esta. This being the case "esto" is equally correct

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