Scottish Gaelic

Does any one know how to get in touch with the "Duolingo" Team member? I have a personal matter to discuss with them. Any help/suggestions please. Thanks. Venk.

August 27, 2020


Check your other post. :)

You can move this one to troubleshooting by editing the topic from Gaelic to troubleshooting and ask your question there, but there isn't much else they will tell you than I already did. You can also contact them at but don't expect an answer soon.

Hi there, I see you are having some sort of technical problem. This forum is moderated by Scottish Gaelic course volunteers who unfortunately cannot help with the technical side of things. I would also suggest the troubleshooting forums.

Thank you. I will try. Already I had two good people offered the solution, and I am back working. Thanks again. Venk.

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