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I wish there were stories for Latin!

I would love to read simple stories in Latin. I wish there were more storys for every language (like Esperanto)

August 27, 2020



That would be great, but someone would have to create them, which is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. It would be even better that if such stories are ever created for Latin, they made them stories about Roman people, and how the Romans lived.

Also note that the current Latin course doesn't teach past or future verbs, so that would seem to make it harder to create stories. If I remember correctly, only the present simple is covered in the current course.


Everyone does, but stories take more work than many people think they do. The reasons were explained in the Office Hours Aug. 26 livestream on Duolingo’s Facebook page. The explanation starts at about 4 minutes into the video.


As the Duolingo course scarcely moves beyond the present tense, the stories would have to start out simply and probably be rather boring. There have been quite a few discussions of Latin stories, and they often include story suggestions. Here are some of them, in no particular order:

Many of the links in these discussions, some suggested more than once, are excellent.

You'll see mention of Lingua Latina per se Illustrata, by Hans Ørberg, especially the first book, Familia Romana. This will start you out right where Duolingo leaves off, and there is plenty of repetition. It's an unusual method, as it is all in Latin, but it could work for you, even without a tutor, with plenty of work and very careful reading, and maybe help from a more standard grammar or primer.

Best of luck with Latin! Ask if you have any questions, and you'll usually be answered.

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