"La sento perfettamente."

Translation:I hear her perfectly.

May 19, 2013

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not a phrase we use too often with respect to our duolingo speaker!


Why can't it be "I hear it perfectly?" , as in "Do you hear the music?" Since 'la musica' is feminine, couldn't you answer, "La sento perfettamente." ?


"I hear it perfectly" should be accepted.


Thanks! :)


"La" in this sentence is a bit confusing because in italian we usually use the third person feminine when we are formally talking to someone we don't know well, or in general as a sign of respect; so "La sento perfettamente" could also be translated as "I hear YOU perfectly" (so this translation should be accepted as right).


If you use i feel her perfectly would that be considered intimate, m├ędical, neither?


which is the difference between "sentire" and "ascoltare"? When to use each?


Sentire = To feel or hear

Ascoltare = To listen.


"I hear You perfectly" - accepted. In my opinoin this should be the first choice for the answer. Second choice would be "I hear her perfectly", which is also correct.


I can hear her perfectly. Rejected.

In English, it is perfectly natural and normal to use "can" when talking about the senses: "Can you taste the garlic in this sauce?" "Can you see that bird?" "I can't feel my legs." "I can smell smoke." "Can you hear that music?"


You are right - it is normal English to use, but it is not required in this example. It can only lead to more confusion, so don't use it here. Ok :)


when will someone explain sento i hear and sento i put on and sento i feel ?

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