"La sento perfettamente."

Translation:I hear her perfectly.

May 19, 2013

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not a phrase we use too often with respect to our duolingo speaker!


Why can't it be "I hear it perfectly?" , as in "Do you hear the music?" Since 'la musica' is feminine, couldn't you answer, "La sento perfettamente." ?


"I hear it perfectly" should be accepted.


Thanks! :)


"La" in this sentence is a bit confusing because in italian we usually use the third person feminine when we are formally talking to someone we don't know well, or in general as a sign of respect; so "La sento perfettamente" could also be translated as "I hear YOU perfectly" (so this translation should be accepted as right).


which is the difference between "sentire" and "ascoltare"? When to use each?


Sentire = To feel or hear

Ascoltare = To listen.


If you use i feel her perfectly would that be considered intimate, m├ędical, neither?


"I hear You perfectly" - accepted. In my opinoin this should be the first choice for the answer. Second choice would be "I hear her perfectly", which is also correct.


I can hear her perfectly. Rejected.

In English, it is perfectly natural and normal to use "can" when talking about the senses: "Can you taste the garlic in this sauce?" "Can you see that bird?" "I can't feel my legs." "I can smell smoke." "Can you hear that music?"


You are right - it is normal English to use, but it is not required in this example. It can only lead to more confusion, so don't use it here. Ok :)

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