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  5. "A humanidade é única."

"A humanidade é única."

Translation:Humanity is unique.

May 19, 2013



Can I just say "Humanidade é única,"?


Nope. Names, whether they belong to people or concepts, always have a "the" before them.


So,The humanity is unique???


Do you actually say "the humanity ... " in English? I get that you need the article in Portuguese, but in English it sounds awkward




There are a lot of sentences in Duolingo in which articles are used for both languages (when they should not). I wonder it happens because in Portuguese we use articles much more than in English (and these sentences were translated from Portuguese into English by Brazilians).

Below you can find at least 9 situations in which we should ommit the article in English whereas should use it in Portuguese:



Humanity is one of a kind should also be correct, meaning unique culturalistically expressed.

[deactivated user]

    I see what you mean, but sounds very odd to me.


    Think of it this way: Humanity as a single classification, in contrast to animals, or inanimate objects, or inhabitants of another world. (The) humanity is unique (in being able to ....).


    Humanity is one is actually more likely to be heard as a general philosophical concept in English. Humanity is unique is used in very specific contexts.


    I put "The human race is unique" as "The humanity" which was given as the correct reading on my page,( but not here,)does not figure in English unless it is used in "The humanity of her action was obvious"

    [deactivated user]

      Weird thing to say


      Just a literal translation/ learning lesson :)

      [deactivated user]

        Still weird, though. Humanity is a collection of individuals, yes? If so, how can unique apply as an adjective?


        Humanity as you say is a collection of individuals..... but the sentence refers to the collection of individuals as a whole, which is unique ...(not The persons within it, who may not be unique) Hope that helps.


        "when it comes to abstract reasoning, humanity is unique." Or, "humanity is unique in killing, not for food, sex, protection or territory, but in the defense of ideas."

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