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Can look up translation of any word no matter how far in the course - isn't that wrong?


It appears that no matter how far in the course you are, you can still look up that drop-down translation of any word. If I am not mistaken, in other courses (e.g. French) you can do that only for short period of time after you've been introduced to a new word.

Having this tweak would prevent those tempting to cheat in a way from doing so - do you think it's something that could be added?


August 17, 2014



So far, the current system with hints should be no issue.
Indeed, if you keep peeking the strength of your skills will simply decay faster and that's the main consequence. :)

Anyways, I have never heard of this tweak before.

Tweaks will be added as the course and tree develop, in order to enhance performance and the learning experience. Test results will be used for this purpose.


We are trying to learn the language - and if you have a brain-dead moment when you forget the word, or find yourself questioning your translation, mousing over is really helpful. For me, words stick in my head at different rates - some very easily, and some I have to go over, and over, and over, and over and ..... And I long ago stopped trying to "memorize" things (ie, sit down and go over a list until I can recite it.) I find doing that works for about two days, then I have to do it all over again. So mousing helps to eventually get things into my head long term.


When you mouse over it, the word decays faster. It makes perfect sense to me!


M, well in my case translations stay for as long as I have a cursor over the word.


When you mouse over the word, the translation will stay for as long as the cursor is on it. The word strength decays faster.


Oh, that's what you meant, cheers

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