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  5. "Mar sin leat, Fhearghais."

"Mar sin leat, Fhearghais."

Translation:Goodbye, Fergus.

August 28, 2020



I find a lot of this speaker's pronunciation very difficult to follow consistently through this exercise and others. I know it's good to hear different speakers with different accents, but as a beginner can we please have CLARITY?


I dont think this is how Duolingo works, but it would be great if she only spoke in later exercises, and we had slower, clearer speakers near the start.


Same here! Mar sin leat is quite clear, but then, even after several times and seeing how they spell it I can hear only Taramais....


sounds like ferraroosh. Is this standard or dialect?


I'm hearing "fair a goosh". Isn't the F supposed to be silent?

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