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Can I assign a "past due assignment" to only one student or specific students and no the whole clas?

  1. How do you lock an assignment so students do not have access to it after the due date?
  2. Can I assign a "past due assignment" to a specific student and not the whole class?
  3. Can I set up my account to send me notifications after students turn in a late assignment in the email related to my teacher's account?

Thank you so much in advance for your assistance and responses. I am just learning and getting to know Duolingo.

August 28, 2020

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Hi, Maricela. If you have a student that joins the class late, then when you click on "assignment" right next to their name, there will be a button that says "This student has joined after the due date. Assign now?" or some such.

If they are already in your class and have just not completed the assignment, then encourage them to plug away at it. When you look at the assignment, they will show up yellow and "late."

You may also notice that some of your red "missing" students have numbers after the red bar that say "17 out of 25" or some such. That tells you that the student started but has not finished yet.

Warn your students that Duo gives you credit in the order than things are assigned, unless there is a large gap between what they do. So if they are late on one, they may wind up being late on the next.

So, your specific questions:

  1. You don't lock assignments. If it is too far past the due date, the students will just be marked at red "missing," and it will never change to green.

If you have hard and fast rules about due dates, then it is simple to say, "I'm checking the assignment on Monday." On Monday, look at who is green, put it in your gradebook, and then you don't have to look at that particular assignment in Duolingo again. Does that make sense?

By the way, you can re-assign the same thing once the assignment is over, if that helps you.

  1. Only if the student has physically joined your classroom after you set the assignment.

If you want to differentiate, then I suggest you privately tell the student you are giving them extra time, and then either check the "assignment" button, or click on the name of the student and click on the "activity" button to see a detail of the student's progress.

  1. No, but fortunately it's not too many clicks to check the assignment button or the individual student activity button. Hopefully, Duolingo should be sending you a weekly e-mail that details all student activity for each class. (There is some glitch that they can't track down where I personally have not gotten my weekly e-mails in a year, but like I said, it's easy enough to click on the buttons.)

Please keep posting questions as you have them! We are all in this together. We also have an Educator's Network https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32159789 where we bounce ideas off of each other. I encourage everyone to join! It's the best professional learning community that I belong to.

(edit: Sorry! Duolingo is somehow auto-correcting my numbers! ha ha ha)

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