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Requesting for a new language

What is the procedure to add newer languages to the list which are not in duolingo? When will you add some more languages? Please Help.

August 17, 2014



The way duolingo works is that you have to create a course. And it takes a long time. If you know a language that is not on here you can apply to create a course. If you are wondering what languages will come soon, you can click the flag of the language you are speaking and press "Add a new course". Then it shows which languages are available or will be soon. When you are on that page, you can also scroll down to the right and it will give you a link to the Incubator where you can apply for a language.


You can't request languages, but you can sign up to contribute to a course, even if it doesn't exist yet.


Thanks. I saw that just now and have requested. :)


What have you requested?


People i went on the incubator thing and couldnt find a language for latin HALP PLS

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