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  5. "I throw very many fish."

"I throw very many fish."

Translation:Ego plurimos pisces iacio.

August 29, 2020



I feel like i should be able to leave "ego" off, as this has been accepted in the other sections. Any reason as to why this sentence structure might be an exception?


If everything else is correct, not having ego works. Just report it should you come across this again with the 'my answer should be accepted'.


Where is the "answer lacks a Lew Zealand gif" button on the report feature?


Plurimi pisces iacio? Accepted or incorrect? Please educate me, oh wise ones


Incorrect, pisces here is accusative plural since the fish are what is being thrown, not doing the throwing, so we have to put the adjective that goes with pisces into the accusative plural.


Why does this sentence remind me of a certain public market in Seattle...


Pikes market?! love that place...the fish throwing is on point there. Might be time to visit again with my new grasp on a single Latin sentence.


What is it with Romans and throwing fish and violent parrots? XD

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