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"Hemos desarrollado algunas cosas."

Translation:We have developed some things.

August 17, 2014



My tongue almost bit itself off to avoid saying 'desarrollado'.


Mine almost bit itself off in the attempt to pronounce it!


Try 'desarrollaron'. Phew!


Apparently "algunas" can mean "some" or "a few" but not "several" -- or at least "several" was not accepted here. Oddly enough, my Collins Spanish Dictionary has "algunos" as a possible translation of "several" but not vice versa.


what are the differences between algo, algunos, and unos?


algo is singular

Algunos(as) is plural

unos(as) is plural

algunos y unos here: http://spanish.about.com/od/translationsfromenglish/a/algunos-unos.htm


sskchung: As far as I could tell, from reading the link provided by Eduardo, in this case, either algunas or unas works.


Well, we can approximately say...

Algo ... Something.

Alguna, alguien... Someone.

Unos... Ones... This ones... Those ones.


I cannot see anything wrong with developed other things.It conveys very similar information.


I guess "elaborado" wasnt enough? Teaching two words with similar meanings without explaining the inference/difference is a futile exercise. Not complaining but.........OK, yup I'm complaining about great free language software, sorry.


I think there is a difference between the two words or concepts. "Desarrollar" means to take one idea and transform it in something real, something that can be used or built. It could be an architectural project, an engineering project or even a novel or any artistic idea. Develop is the concept. To take something that is in an embryonic phase and develop in something possible.

"Elaborado", means "built", you do things. Elaborate applies to manufacturing, is the process through it you build something. So I think that these two concepts are different, so:

Idea -> desarrollo-> elaboración.

You first think about a car, you make some drawings and then you pass to engineers to "develop" the project, then, the factory elaborates the car...more o less.


"We have produced some things" was not accepted.


Why is "we have developed few things" wrong? in this context "few" and "some" mean the same thing!


My microphone turned off when replaying


He pronounces the start of the first word with a D as day-mose.


Can i use tenemos instead of hemos

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