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  5. "Ja, zij is thuis."

"Ja, zij is thuis."

Translation:Yes, she is at home.

August 17, 2014



It sounds like the 'h' in "thuis" is silent (so it's pronounced like 'tuis'). Is this correct and if so is it always how 'th' is pronounced in Dutch (basically like 't')?


The answer to both of your questions is 'yes'.


What is the word for "yeah"?


I think jep comes closest.


Thuis: at home, weird word :)


Not really so weird, Ciro. Think of it as - 't house - or - 't home, meaning 'at (the) house' or 'at home'. I know of someone who says, "I like to be t'home". He means that he likes to be relaxing in his home.


Any tips for differentiating zij and ze? I cant hear the difference in a spoken sentence. Or rather i dont remember which sound goes to which word


Zij sounds like 'zay' and ze sounds like 'zuh'


As "house" is "huis" and "home" is "thuis" why do you say "I want to go home" - "ik wil naar huis gaan" not "...naar thuis gaan"?

Sometimes I'm confused when to use "huis" and "thuis"...


Think of the one word thuis as representing two words in English - "at home". It derives from te+huis. Te is a preposition that can mean at, to or in, but in this idiom it always means at, so thuis is always where you are, never where you're going. If you know any Latin, it is the locative case of domus (home,house) with a built-in preposition making a one-word statement domi (at home). You get the same idea in German with nach Hause, "to, towards home" (Dutch naar), and zu Hause, "at home" (Dutch te).


Can "thuis" be used as "feel at home" or just "at home"?


So I am a bit confused about thuis, does it mean at home or home? Here I would treat it as at home. But I've also learnt somewhere else, for example "Meestal kom ik om half acht 's avonds thuis", I think it means home?


Yes, she is home, should be accepted.


"Yeah she's home" was not accepted???

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