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help with Strengthening lessons!

[deactivated user]

    why does it do this? when i go to strengthen the food lesson, i start timed practice, and then after a couple i failed, but then it says i strengthened it when i failed it. ok here's what i did in a little bit more detail: i went to home then i clicked on food, then i clicked on strengthen food. and then i clicked timed practice, then i translated a few Spanish sentences and got them wrong, then i ran out of time, then i went back to home and it said that food was strengthened but i failed it, why did it say that?

    August 17, 2014



    You are in a test group. The idea behind it is that even just encountering the words gives you a boost. Duolingoing will be following the metrics for each person in that group to see if they should change everyone oner or keep the current non test group method.


    I think it said that because you still practiced some food translations

    [deactivated user]


      I am about two thirds of the way up the tree. A number of the groups have changed color behind me. Blue, red, green, whatever that means. For me what counts is that they are no longer gold and need work. I decided to clean things up a bit and go over some of them.

      I have the new (for me) look splash screen for groups when I open them. It consists of a bright red screen with the lessons numbered in a horizontal line. What is puzzling is that even though it shows an icon on the left of indicating the degree of weakness, the lessons are shown as complete. Since the strengthen skills exercise icon showed weakness and the lesson count did not, I voted to strengthen skills (non-timed practice).

      When I completed it the screen indicated I had strengthened my skills and displayed the group icon now changed to gold. I did this several times. Each completion of a skill exercise turned that group icon gold. In fact, one strengthen skills exercise resulted in Duo showing me two icons turning gold at once. I attributed this to an overlap of material.

      Now, I am trying to strengthen adjectives three. I have run the skill exercise three times successfully. Not only has this not changed the icon color but it hasn't changed the strength bars on the icon.

      I wonder if someone could explain how these strengthen skills exercises actually work so I know what should happen when I do them.


      It means that skill still has some lingering weak words.

      The colors only count as gold/not gold as far as I know.

      Sounds like you have a good grasp of the rest :)



      I just did it again and it went gold so you were correct. They must have added quite a few words because there were a lot I haven't seen before. Nothing like reviewing to make you realize that you still have a lot of work to do.


      Im glad. And thats a really helpful attitude to bring to language learning! :)


      Hey Northernguy, you said you have the new layout in the skill overview? My friend has it too, do you know why I don't have it? best regards.


      Duo tries out different interfaces by introducing them gradually to different groups to make sure they work rather than just implementing a wide scale conversion. Or so it seems to me. If so, this is a good strategy that I wish more outfits would use. The downside is some users will be slightly confused by other people's description of their interaction with the program.

      Whether they use any method in their selection of targets for mods is known only to the code monkeys chained to the walls of the Duo dungeon, dreaming of a diet of black water, black rice that only pigs will eat, black apples etc because apparently that is better than what they are getting. Poor souls. Their new look does definitely put the splash into the term splash screen.

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