"We will be playing together every day."

Translation:Bidh sinn a' cluiche còmhla ri chèile a h-uile latha.

August 29, 2020

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What is ri chiele? Wouldnt it just be Bidh sinn a' cluiche còmhla a-huile latha??


I don’t think the word còmhla together works on its own when speaking about some specific people. You need to state with whom you are being together, saying eg. còmhla ri Seumas for together with James.

Then ri chèile means with each-other, and the whole phrase còmhla ri chèile – lit. together with each other (which sounds a bit tautological in English) – is commonly used to express together.


Thank you, that clarifies it.


How is this different to "We play together every day"?


It’s not. Both should be acceptable answers (and to be fair, with a h-uile latha I’d rather expect we play together… to be the default answer).


Thanks, I'd expect that too. It was an English to Gaelic question, so I was wondering how you would make it clear that you're talking about the future, not the continuous present. Would you have to add "next week" or some other time or place specific?


I can't get my head around the difference between Bidh and Bi. I thought Bidh was singular and Bi plural. I got everything right except the verb in this sentence. Can anyone clarify?


Why latha and not la

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