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  5. "Does she have Gaelic?"

"Does she have Gaelic?"

Translation:A bheil Gàidhlig aice?

August 30, 2020



I used 'aige' for 'he have' earlier, and it corrected to 'aice'. Which I think was right.

So now I used 'aige' for 'she have' and it has again corrected to 'aice'.

I am getting confused. Which is which, please?


aige means at him (tha X aige means he has X, lit. X is at him); aice means at her (and so tha X aice means she has X); in different contexts both may translate to English as (at) it;

I don’t think any exercise would correct aige for he has to aice – are you sure it wasn’t correcting something else in your sentence, perhaps some typo?


Does she have Gaelic? = A bheil Gàidhlig aice?

Does he have Gaelic? = A bheil Gàidhlig aige?

also, for example:

Do you (singular) have Gaelic? = A bheil Gàidhlig agad?

Do they have Gaelic? = A bheil Gàidhlig aca?

The pattern for this prepositional pronoun is:

aig + "the personal pronouns" =

agam = mi + aig = I have

agad = thu + aig = you have (singular, informal)

aige = e + aig = he has

aice = i + aig = she has

againn = sinn + aig = we have

agaibh = sibh + aig = you have (plural, formal)

aca = iad + aig = they have


In this lesson, the question is counted wrong to me only for a forgotten i in Gàidhlig, it is not fair.

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