"Porque ela não seguiu as regras."

Translation:Because she did not follow the rules.

May 20, 2013

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I don't think the audio is wrong here. There is no pause between 'por' and 'que', so it would be porque as one word.


The sentence sounds like a question -- "Why didn't she follow the rules?" -- and The Owl should accept that translation. I've reported it.


The sentence is correct. It isn't a question, hence no question mark. Porque = because. Por que = why.


Yes, grammatically you’re right, Reno, but you may have missed the point; for most of us, the sentence SOUNDS like a question


So I'm supposed to know if this robot is asking a question or not? They marked "por que" as wrong... smh


Please report it! You can't know from the audio alone.


Realmente, parece uma pergunta, mesmo que a entonação não seja exatamente de pergunta. Para mais clareza pode-se usar "pois":  "Pois ela não ..."
EN: It really sounds like a question, even if the intonation isn't exactly a question.  For more clarity you can use "pois": "Pois ela não ..." :p

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