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"Wij zijn huizen aan het ontwerpen."

Translation:We are designing houses.

August 17, 2014



okay, this sounds like 'we are houses that are being designed' to me... can I say 'wij zijn aan het ontwerpen van huizen' instead?


That's not correct, the continuous in Dutch is formed by: zijn + aan het + infinitive. The object comes in between zijn and aan het.

  • wij ontwerpen = we design/we are designing
  • wij zijn aan het ontwerpen = we are designing
  • wij zijn een huis aan het ontwerpen = we are designing a house
  • wij zijn huizen = we are houses (this probably is what confuses you, this is quite different from the sentences above)


very helpful, Dank je wel!


So if you wanted to say something like, "Wij zijn huizen." and "Wij zijn aan het ontwerpen." (play along with the crazy fantasy for a second) how would you say that in a single Dutch sentence?


Since Wij zijn huizen means "We are houses" that indeed sounds like a crazy fantasy… Anyway if you combine that with Wij zijn aan het ontwerpen, then you get: Wij zijn huizen die aan het ontwerpen zijn (We are houses who are designing.)


I figured this is the most straightforward to do it. It's a shame that you can't make it as fun as in English: "We are designing houses," can mean that we are people (who design houses) or that we are houses (who design).

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