"I am William."

Translation:Is mise Uilleam.

August 31, 2020

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Is there a reason why William is sometimes spelled Uilleam and sometimes Uilliem?


It’s never Uilliem.

And Uilleam and Uilleim are two different grammatical forms of the name.

  • Uilleam is the common nominative-dative-accusative case, used when speaking directly about William, what he does or what happens to him,
  • Uilleim is the vocative case used when you speak to William, when you address him directly; and also it is the genitive case stating possession (so eg. William’s house would be taigh Uilleim).


In this case is William speaking about himself, then?


The tips for this section (names 1) are only for female names. Are there tips for male names and slenderizing somewhere?

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