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  5. "I eat lunch at one thirty."

"I eat lunch at one thirty."

Translation:Ik eet lunch om half twee.

August 18, 2014



I'm having trouble with the difference between half and helft. Would someone be willing to help me out? I've searched online, and all of the explanations are in Dutch. This is (so far) what I'm able to gather:

half is an adjective or adverb:

  • een/het halfjaar;
  • een/het half uur;
  • een/de half opgegetene boterham; whereas,

helft is a noun:

  • een/de helft van het jaar;
  • een/de helft van het uur;
  • een/de helft van de boterham;
  • een/de helft.

Furthermore, helft can stand alone and is always a de word. Half is just an adjective and whether you use de or het will depend on the word that it is modifying.

If I have made any mistakes or I am incorrect, please let me know.

I would also like some additional examples, if you can provide them.

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What about "Ik lunche om een dertig"? Is it possible to say that?

According to my dictionary, "lunchen" is the verb for "eating lunch"


'Ik lunch om half twee' would be correct.


I have "Ik eet middageten op een uur dertig" Wrong?


Unless you are having lunch at twelve thirty, yes it is.


een uur dertig = one thirty


This is 100% correct. You can say ''een uur dertig'' as well as ''half twee'', but the first way is rarely used.


I wrote "Ik eet lunch om dertig over ene." Is that really wrong?


Yes. "Dertig over een" is already odd, also "ene" is incorrect (only used in sentences like niet de ene, maar de andere (not the one, but the other).


Waarom niet ik eet lunch om een uur dertig?


Is there anything wrong with "Ik heb lunch om half twee"?


I have lunch does not say you are eating it.

Obviously it implies it through the idiomatic meaning of have, but that is not the correct translation here.


Om half twee is not 1:30 its 2:30 right?

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Nope, "half twee" is 1:30 (you could literally translate it to "a half to two"). It's the same as in German where "halb zwei" is 1:30, too.

2:30 would be "half drie".


I understand from the discussion that "een dertig" is not incorrect, but not common?


It's a literal translation that's not used.

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