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I think that whenever you go to somebody's profile and it says that somebody is learning English, it should also say which language they are learning Enlish from.

May 20, 2013



We don't surface that right now, but good idea. I'll let the rest of the team know you're interested in this information being surfaced.


When can I get someone to finally learn English using duolingo, if he or she is German? Why is doulingo not bilingual anyway? Would it be too hard to program? Also I guess there are a lot of English articles Non-English speakers would like to read. Also, I believe you would get more peeps to use the program. For instance My mother, who is french does not speak English, so she is reluctant to use duolingo. If you would simply add another language to the interface and modify the questions a little bit... You probably thought about this more than I did... Thanks for doing this anyways!!! Its been a pleasure so far!

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