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"Ze belden me na een paar dagen."

Translation:They called me after a few days.

August 18, 2014



"Zij belden MIJ na een paar dagen" is apparently wrong... 'Me' or "Mij' are the same word...


"Mij" and "Me" are pronounced differently, so if you were on a listening exercise they are not interchangeable.


I hope you reported it.


Oh, i didnt knew you could do that...


Why can't I put "some days" instead of "a few days"? Or is it colloquial english? ^^


Hi, I think "some days" sounds like a bit longer than "a few days" which would only be 2 or 3 days usually, although could be a bit more. It also seems to be used more in cases where the suggestion is that there has been a bit of a wait or a delay, eg "we had to wait some days for our refund." (I'm a native speaker of English from Britain; the usual disclaimer applies, that this could be different in other parts of the English speaking world!)


could one not say 'a few days later'?


A month ago I see that Rang is proposed as a correct answer to Called . Can the word "rang" be also considered correct. As I have used it here also.


"Rang" is certainly an acceptable alternative to "called" in English, as is "phoned" which is not yet accepted.

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