"Tha thu coltach ri Seumas."

Translation:You are similar to James.

September 1, 2020

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Is the Irish Seamus not an acceptable spelling? Seumus caught me off guard.


Well, Seumas is the most common Sc. Gaelic spelling.

In older Gaelic texts you might find other spelling variants like Seumus, Sèamas, Sèamus… just as well as in older Irish texts you’ll find all of them (just with é instead of è – but eu more often in Sc. Gaelic, éa in Irish). And some people with this name may still use one of those spellings (like Irish singer Séamus Ó Beaglaoich even though the modern standard Irish spelling is Séamas).

But the course mostly sticks to what is the closest to a standard Gaelic spelling – the SQA Gaelic Orthographic Conventions commonly used in Gaelic teaching.

And the GOC spelling of the name is Seumas too, as it prescribes to write a for unstressed reduced vowel /ə/ (with the exception of agus where it’s u).


You are like James ?

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