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Is the practice feature completely broken?

For at least three days now I get the same sentences when I practice the weakest words (even after answering them correctly several times). It's really annoying. I've got the impression that the Duolingo's spaced repetition algorithm is completely broken!

August 23, 2012



This should now be fixed.


We're working on fixing this.


I've also sent them feedback. The counters for how many times you've already seen the words simply do not increase. That's the whole issue. Really dirty but quick fix: go to the word and remove it from practice (haven't tried it myself yet, though).


I'm having the same problem. I'm sick of people eating garlic and tomatoes!


I checked it out and it works properly now. (At least for me :) ).


@Luis: Ok that's great to know. Could you please message in this thread when it's fixed ? That would be very helpful!


It's working for me too - o, frabjous day! Thanks @Luis!


yes, it works now, thank you so much Luis!


I know this is 7 months old but this keep happening to me, Ive done several practice with the same words over and over again. Also the remove word from practice option, does not show on full strength words, which I think most of us want to remove.

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