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"Como manzanas."

5 years ago



As I have seen, there are three types of "como". 1) The verb, I eat: Yo como 2) The question, How?: ¿Cómo? 3) The preposition, As / like: Como.

And the verb form uses less than other types.

5 years ago


why am i wrong to write "eat apples" here, it does not say "yo como manzanas"

5 years ago

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In Spanish, as you know, verbs are conjugated based on their subject, for example:

Yo como manzanas. I eat apples.

Tú comes manzanas. You eat apples.

What you may not know is that subject pronouns can be elided in Spanish, as follows:

Como manzanas. I eat apples.

Comes manzanas. You eat apples.

So when you see a sentence like "Como manzanas" or "Comes manzanas", you have to figure out the subject based on the conjugation of the verb. In this case, you know that "como" is the first-person singular ("I") form of "comer", so the sentence means "I eat apples."

5 years ago