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How can I repair my sound?

My speech input and my sound doesn`t work and I tried to refresh the page, reopen the browser, re-enable the settings for sound, or reintall my flash. What can I do more for my sound to work?

August 23, 2012



What OS do you have? What browser are you using?

It would be a good idea to give another browser a try, Chrome is pretty good & comes with its own flash installation, so if the problem is there it might help.

You might also want to right click (or Control click on a mac without right click enabled) on a flash element (like the record button, or the play buttons for sound), and check that the permissions are set correctly to allow DuoLingo to use your microphone & speakers.


Seems on Ubuntu one cannot get to these menus with right click anymore. However, one can access them if the flash app explicitly asks for them (like e.g. chatroulette does). Could you have a settings view which does just that? I'd love to check my pronounciation.


Thank you for your suggestions. Now I am using Mozilla, so I will try Chrome. I already tried with right click on the button, but no adblocker is activated. Hope I`ll make it work by using another browser :)

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