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"I am inside but I am going out."

Translation:Tha mi a-staigh ach tha mi a' dol a-mach.

September 2, 2020



"a" with an apostrophe (a') is not one of the choices listed, so there is no way you can get this exercise right. Just saying ....


bit confused over tense in this example? If I am inside in the present then surely going out is in the future and should be bidh rather than tha?

I await humiliation by the scholars :)


If you are going out but you haven’t finished yet and you’re in the middle of the action, you can still be inside. ;-) If you had left already, you would no longer be going out – you would already be out.

Also, I think tha mi a’ dol a-mach can work here (just as English) to mean that you’re going to do that in just a second.


Should it be acceptable to put, "Tha mi a-staigh ach a' dol a-mach," in this scenario? It wasn't accepted when I submitted it.

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