I started learning Hindi because it look fun but the sighns are a little confusing so if you have any tips or pictures to help me please enter in the comments. :)

September 3, 2020


Hi dapizzzaman,

Hindi can be hard to people who are not well acquainted with the basic letters of the language. That's why, start with the basics : letter, alphabets and the kind. Not that Duolingo is very useful for that ; but if you go on YouTube you will see that there are videos that can really help you. Once you've got the hang of it, you can start doing Duolingo and it all will be really easy. But remember, the most important thing is hard work. If you really want to learn this language, you will have to put extra effort in it. Only then can you be able to learn it.

Nice to know that you're interested in the language. As I mentioned before, it is a comparatively hard language, but if you put enough effort, it won't be hard at all.

Hope this helps you,


Glad to help ^_^

it is very easy you could get some help from youtube videos

write down the signs on a papper that will make you easy to understand

thank you i already started doing that

Yes, writing down all the letters will help keep them straight in your mind, although it's not an instant fix!

My dad and I actually downloaded some kids' worksheets to practice our letters.

yup even this is a great idea

Hello, I am also studying Hindi. I learned how to pronounce and write the Devanagari Hindi script from these videos before starting Duolingo. Now I read my lessons in the Hindi scrip. And I type on my iPad keyboard into Hindi which really helps with learning. There is one video per letter. These videos show you how to hand write the Devanagari script correctly::

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