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I before E?

Is there a rule I could go by to know when I put the I before the E and when it's the other way around?

I find it frustrating that I keep on making the simple spelling mistakes when I know the word, but can't remember if it's an "ie" or and "ei".

August 23, 2012



ie is a long i (iiiihhhhhhh, a spider!) ei basically sounds like the english i. there are no rules associated with those, as they make completely different sounds and usually dont get confused (by germans, at least ^^). quite frankly, i think it'd be more logical to spell "ei" as "ai" and "ie" as "ih" (h stretches the vocal before it, in german). tl;dr: turn on your mic, and memorize and recognize the pronunciation


Yep, the easiest way to remember spelling is to say the word out loud. If it sounds like the letter E, E goes last: "ie". If it sounds like I, I goes last: "ei".


Thanks for the l;r part. I barely noticed the different sounds, and I was wondering how I could tell the difference.

BTW, I totally forgot I turned off my mic.


haha, and i mixed up speakers and mic. well, you get it :)


O, I had the speakers on. I guess I still need to listen better. :)

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