"She is so pretty."

Translation:Tha i cho brèagha.

September 3, 2020

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What is the rule to inform what Tha represents such as He She I or You


tha doesn’t represent any pronoun like he, she, I

tha is the verb is (or am, are – it does not inflect by persons in Gaelic).

i is the pronoun meaning she in this sentence (while I am would be tha mi, you are would be tha thu, etc.).

You might want to read the tips and notes to the lessons, especially the Feelings skills (the pronouns are explained there) and Personal Details (the verb to be described there).

You can read the tips and notes on the web browser version of Duolingo at https://duolingo.com and also on the https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd website. The tips might not be available in the Duolingo mobile app, so if you’re on mobile, you might want to open your web browser for the reading.


Why were there no hints as to the meanings of the words? These were new words to me, but there was nowhere to tap to learn them.


Is there a rule to distinguish between àlainn and brèagha for pretty?

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