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It is weird but Duolingo is still helpful.

In the 2nd and 3rd sections of the tree, it keeps talking about parrots. Are parrots a very special animal in Latin culture? Please tell me.

September 3, 2020



If you by Latin culture mean ancient Rome, so yes. Caged birds were a popular pet for the upper class, and they loved to write poems about them.

But I have never heard about a drunken parrot before this course...


Thank you very much.


Parrots in Ancient Rome were considered to be a sign of luxury and wealth, many had them as pets and many became the subject of beautiful mosaics

As noted by Pliny the Elder (Roman naturalist 23AD) he recorded parrots being kept in Emperors Court, where they would talk and greet the Emperors. According to him, after some wine they were far more chatty "In vino psittacus"

So fascinatingly, parrots (even drunk ones) have been recorded through Roman history and were greatly revered amongst the Romans


I find that very interesting information. Thank you!


you will discover weasels, too. weasels were used more than cats for pest control by Romans.


Indeed. Back then, cats were an Egyptian thing, and supplanted weasels as pets in Late Antiquity as they were spread around by sailors (they made superior rat-catchers in boats).

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