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practice worksheets

Could Duolingo have worksheets? That is, practice exercises with blanks. Or maybe sentences or paragraphs to translate. It would be nice to have some guided practice more after finishing a lesson, as the lessons do not take too long to complete. I know the object is translating the web, but real worksheets would be nice.

August 23, 2012



I totally agree, a wider variety of exercises would definetly "spice things up" a bit


You can switch the microphone questions off by changing the setting on your profile page


I also feel that the exercises within the lessons are a bit repetitive.


Printables would be nice too. I can't use the microphone feature on my computer at work during my lunch break so I can't practice using the website without losing hearts.


I was just thinking about this today! I use Duolingo for school, and instead of transferring everything i do online or in the app to microsoft word, I thought it would be nice to have practice worksheets, but I want them to correspond with each lesson that I do, but it doesn't look like they have that sort of thing. I wonder why not.

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