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Duolingo student's report not reflecting students completion

Question 1: Several students in my classes have reported me they have completed their assignments, when I see their report in states "not started yet" but when I access the student report activity it shows the student has worked on the supposedly "not started yet" assignment. Why Duolingo is not reflecting accurately the student's "report activity" with their completion activity?

Question 2: I would like to answer the teachers that provided me with the feedback here in the discussion area, but I can not locate how to answer back to the teacher's posts.

September 3, 2020



There was a bug last year, and this sounds like the return of it. Last year, it had to do with sudden high volumes of use, and there was a lag between assignments showing up. I will report this for you on the Educator's Network, so hang tight.

I should also say that last year I avoided the potential bug by waiting two days to put grades in. :)


I've reported this as a bug for you, so hopefully we will get an answer soon.


Thanks for posting here! I'm looking into this now, it usually happens during periods of high activity; however, I'm looking to replicate this to emphasize the issue.


Question 2 .....

You have to earn at least 60 XP (= XP-level 2) to be able to answer back to posts/comments.
This is to prevent bots from commenting in the forum discussions.

Duolingo Help Center

  • Placement Test = 100 XP
  • Checkpoint Quiz = 50 XP
  • Skill Test-out (when you tap the key icon to level up in a skill ) = 20 XP


This issue was 5 months ago? Still not fixed. Very frustrating. My students are still showing "not yet started".

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