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"C'est un mauvais morceau."

Traduction :It is a bad piece.

il y a 4 ans

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Le mot "song" ne fonctionne pas ?

il y a 4 ans


Morceau (musique) = piece, passage

Song (musique + paroles) = chanson

il y a 4 ans


Part ne fonctionne pas

il y a 2 ans


I put: It is a wrong piece. Why? That is not good ? I would like to understand.

il y a 1 an


Some adjectives have positive, comparative and superlative forms.

Bad - worse - worst. (Fr. mauvais - pire - le pire / le plus mauvais).

You use "a" before a positive form, nothing before a comparative form and "the" before a superlative form.

It is a bad piece.

It is worse that the last piece.

It is the worst piece.

Wrong is effectively a superlative - there is nothing "wronger" (not a real word) than wrong, and nothing less wrong than wrong. It's just, well, wrong!

Therefore you must say "... the wrong ....", not "... a wrong ..." (unless wrong is a noun, meaning a tort).

"They played the wrong national anthem at the Olympics." (It is either right or wrong, there is no middle ground.)

"They made a bad decision when selecting the piece." (One of possibly several bad decisions.)

Hopefully, from this explanation, you can understand why your English is wrong and your translation is bad :-)

il y a 1 an