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"Bidh iad a' cluiche ball-coise a h-uile seachdain."

Translation:They play football every week.

September 4, 2020



Because that’s the habitual and future form.

tha iad a’ cluiche ball-coise would be thay are playing football, as in right now. To say that they play it habitually every week, you have to use the future/habitual tense: either

  • bidh iad a’ cluiche ball-coise a h-uile seachdain (they play football, in Hiberno-English they do be playing football; but bidh iad a’ cluiche… may also mean they will be playing),
  • cluichidh iad ball-coise a h-uile seachdain (they play football every week – but I’m not sure if this variant is common or accepted by Duolingo; cluichidh iad also means they will play).


Got it - the future is also used for habitual activities. Many thanks.

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