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"There are two doors in my house."

Translation:मेरे घर में दो दरवाज़े हैं।

September 4, 2020



What is wrong with: दो दरवाज़े मेरे घर में हैं।


That is the usual SOV word order and would translate to 'Two doors are in my house'.

The change in word order in Hindi to 'मेरे घर में दो दरवाज़े हैं' is equivalent to using the expletive construction 'There are' in English because it shifts the emphasis.


This makes sense to me, but is there a difference in hindi between saying "There are two doors in my house" and "my house has two doors" then?


No. There is no Hindi verb equivalent to 'have' so this construction is also used for 'My house has two doors'.


Back door and front door lol


Why is मकान instead of घर not accepted?


It should be accepted. You can report the sentence if you see it again.

That said, note that the word मकान is a lot more impersonal than the word 'house'. So, you wouldn't say मेरा मकान very often except in limited circumstances (like if it's a house you're having built but don't intend to live in yourself, for example).


'मेरा घर' is in the oblique case in this sentence because it is the object of the postposition 'में'. Therefore, we need to use it in the oblique case form 'मेरे घर'.

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