"Dè an obair a th' agad, a Chaluim?"

Translation:What work do you have, Calum?

September 4, 2020

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Even though the construction literally means “what (is) the work to you, Calum?” which is a form we’ve been taught to associate with “having”, it is NOT correct in English to ask “what work do you have?” Perhaps slightly more correct than “What work (is) to you?”, but the option “what work do you DO?” Should be accepted. If not as the ONLY answer, certainly as AN acceptable answer.


Agree, that English is ambiguous - is the questioner asking what Calum's job is, or is he looking for work from Calum?


Why do you ask Calum what work is at him (agad) but in all the examples in this set of lessons he would reply the work that is in him (a th' annam), ('s e tidsear a th' annam, for example)?


I was asking myself the same thing!


As well as: "What do you work at, Calum?"


"what do you work at Calum?" - That is what we would say in Scotland, Why is it wrong?

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