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Fix the "Practice all skills" and "Practice weakest words" system

A bunch of words in my vocabulary are weakening, but they never appear when I "Practice all skills" or "Practice weakest words", while some sets of words appear again and again and again. Sometimes a set of weakened words belongs to a single lesson, but when I practice the lesson only a single word appear. So, the only way to recover the word strength is practicing them one by one in the vocabulary section, what is quite annoying, time consuming and inefficient. Please, fix it.

May 20, 2013



Thanks everyone for staying on top of this! We finished a fix yesterday and rolled it out to several accounts, including everyone who spoke up in this thread.

Please test "practice all skills" and "practice weakest words," and let us know if you actually get your weakest words more often now (these are words highlighted in blue in translate challenges, and displayed on a scroll at the end of the practice session).

Also let us know if you experience any other new weirdness. The fix was pretty complex (sorry it took so long) and we want to make sure we didn't break anything else in the process...


Thank YOU ALL for the hard work and for making Duoling better everyday!


Thanks for all your hard work.

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Yes, it seems to be fixed! Thank you very much.


I don't know if you saw my experiment that I described elsewhere in this discussion yesterday afternoon, but I'm curious whether the changes you describe were in place at that time or not (around 17:00 CDT). At the time, I did 3 "Practice weakest words" sessions, and got 26 of my 27 worst Spanish words (3/4 bars that had degraded from full in the previous two days). The one that was not given seems to be a bug which I've described elsewhere in this discussion as well as in bug report feedback. I had a similar result with one practice session I did with my German vocabulary at the time, getting 9 of my 11 weakest words.


I was curious what this blue frame was! Another mystery solved ;-)

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Yeah, I love this site, but to me its most frustrating aspect now with its best practice options non-working is how difficult it is to review most of what you've learned and the total failure of the strength/decay system for some users like me. The more vocabulary you gain and the more lessons you complete, the harder it becomes to effectively practice.


Newspapers and books are apparently the only objects in Germany.


Oh my... Finally I see people complaining about this! It seems french people only need milk and bread, only use coats and they don't do anything but drink and eat :P

The idea behind the "practice all skills" button is great. But I'm really tired of practicing the same sentences over and over and over... I get it's difficult to develop the logic so it proposes exercises based on your weak words... but why not just do a random selection over all your completed lessons? The way it is today, it's like there's only 30-40 sentences and words and they are repeated over and over until it makes me want to close the page.

Please, do something about this since it's a key functionality for all languages and students. I volunteer myself if you need help. Have a lot of experience in IT and web development.

Besides this, thank you very much for all your hard work and the amazing site you're creating!



Thank you for bringing this up. We're working on fixing it and it should be better by Friday.


In a similar vein, I've encountered word forms which show up on my vocabulary list from time to time as degraded, yet they're never presented in any practice sessions - even when practicing the word individually. I've reported several of these on various occasions, but the reports haven't been addressed yet. Is it possible for this related issue could get some attention as well? Two recent examples that I've seen are the "llegan" form of the Spanish verb "llegar" and one of the two listed forms "buscar" for the Spanish verb "buscar".


If I get "my sister is old but I am young" one more time!!

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