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I lost my lost my streak even tho I practiced.

I've been practicing Portuguese on Duolingo and I had a 35 day streak. Last week I suddenly lost my streak, even tho I practiced every single day. I checked my account to make sure I got the check mark, I had it and it said I'm on a 36 day streak. I logged in the next day and it said I'm on a 0 day streak and the check mark was gone there was an x instead. I sent 2 e-mails but did not get a response so now I'm writing this hoping to get an answer. I'm now on a 6 day streak, it should be 41. I don't know why I lost my streak I practiced every single day and got the checkmark, can I please somehow get it back ? Thank you in advance

August 18, 2014



I wouldn't worry too much about the streak. I gave you five lingots for those you missed, but I have so many I couldn't possibly use them all without taking a progress course per language, per week. And so will you.

Other than pride, the streak isn't worth much more. My streak will be ending soon, and I'm honestly glad. There were a few days where I completed a skill just to keep it going, which really doesn't assist in learning a language (imo).

If it is really important to you, watch the weekly experience resets. They happen at weird times for me (CST).


You state 6-day streak, my browser shows a 5-day streak. Maybe you write a message to bchan with a link to this conversation.


I have had the same thing happen to me twice- and the same experience- I wrote and asked...and the only answers I got were patronizing and told me to 'not worry about it'. I hope you get a real explanation- there seems to be something very wonky with the timing of when they count the day as starting and ending- I have never gotten a straight answer.

I started using the streak freeze as extra insurance - and it's kicked in a couple of times where it makes no sense to me either since I'd already been active and had activity. Didn't get any explanation for that either.

good luck


Perhaps duolingo has you in a different timezone than you are actually in[? Where you in a different timezone when you first made you account?
You can also try to right-click on the website (anywhere but inside the text box) and pick 'view page source' and then search that page for 'timezone' and see what is listed.


yeah- I checked that - timezone is what it always was- America/Havana, UTC-5


That's too bad, and it really is too bad to duolingo isn't really helping you. I'm surely not one to say 'don't worry about it' because I know how motivational the steak can be.
It seems like the check mark is a good indicator as to whether or not your streak has been completed for the day. If I were in your shoes, I would pay attention to that and see if I could find some pattern to the times I practice and times the streak freeze is unexpectedly used.
Until then, just keep that streak freeze equipped (I know I occasionally check to make sure mine is still there- even though I've never had to use it!)


Please, set your post's topic from Duolingo to Troubleshooting.

Anyway, I hope your issue gets resolved :-)


Thanks to who ever commented (:

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