I am taking latin this year at K12 International Academy and am scared. Please help.

September 5, 2020


Check out Wheeler's Latin Grammar online if you want to prepare yourself for it. And why haven't you started the Duolingo Latin course?

Yes, who else would I be talking to?

Duo's latin cours is short and a trial attempt - and therefore is a little bit poor, but we like it - as non-professionals.

What are you scared of? Once you get started you'll see lots of words that are familiar. There is a lot of grammar but just sit down and learn it. Latin is a logical language with few irregularities so there's no reason why you shouldn't make good progress. Languages like Russian and Chinese are far more challenging. I don't know how advanced your course will be but I did Latin at school, did a reasonable amount of work and got an A in the Scottish O grade exams (the exams taken at age 16 back in the day). Just go for it, and you'll enjoy it. Good luck!

Don't worry about it. If you stay up with the class—especially be sure not to get behind at the beginning—you should do fine.

Try the Duolingo course. It's not scary. Be sure to read the Tips and Notes, and ask questions if you have them.

Also there are very good informal Latin lessons in the Duolingo forum, presented by carpelanam. ("Carpelanam" means something in Latin, BTW; it is two words.)

Do you know what book the course uses?

… "Wheeler's" that was mentioned in another comment should be "Wheelock's." It's a Latin textbook often used nowadays, sometimes in high school, mostly in college. It's great if you like it, but there are others that are good, besides. There are loads of webpages about it.

Ask questions if you run into trouble with the material. There are plenty of people in the forums that will be able to help you.

Good luck, and have fun! Latin is really cool, once you get into it.

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