"Tha Gàidhlig aca, is math sin."

Translation:They have Gaelic, that is good.

September 5, 2020

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I agree that in idiomatic English we would not say "i have gaelic" but when a gaelic speaker in Lewis asks you in English whether you speak gaelic they typically say "Do you have the gaelic?"


I answered 'They speak Gaelic, that is good' and this was marked wrong. I don't think 'having a language' is idiomatic in Standard English so other expressions should be accepted as well.


You might report it as a missing correct translation using the Report button under the exercise, but I’m not sure what’s the contributors’ policy on accepting (they) speak Gaelic or (they) know Gaelic for tha Gàidhlig (acu).

Myself, I’d accept it as that’s what I’d typically translate it as, but I think they have Gaelic is commonly used in Scottish English and the contributors chose this variant as grammatically closer to Gaelic (even if unidiomatic for most English-speaking areas).


Totally agree, 'they have Gaelic' is not idiomatic English. There are a lot of problems of that type on this course.


is math sin = smashing!

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